Pro Fit became under new ownership in February of 2017. Under the new owner, we plan to get out in the field and create more options for our customers. The new owner is not new to the company, as his wife has worked for Pro Fit for many years. The new owner, Terry Gessler, plans to look into adding items as they are discovered by not only himself but also from our customers.


The idea for Pro.Fit was born in response to cellular customers who desired a professional, custom installation - making their phone easy to reach and easy to operate.


Each year these same customers would return with their new car for that same professional, custom installation. Some were driving new Mercedes, some new Ford pickups.


The need was real.


More and more people wanted a professional, custom installation. Pro.Fit VSMs fill that need. Breaking away from the traditional mounting methods, Pro.Fit found most people were reluctant to have someone drill screws into the dash or console of their car.


Pro.Fit responded to these concerns by designing a mount that attaches to existing fittings within the dash, avoiding any visible damage to the car.