Pro.Fit International created the original vehicle specific mounting brackets which changed the way mobile electronics are installed in cars.
Now nearly 20 years later, these designs still are the preferred choice of professional installers around the country.
Each VSM is designed to blend into your vehicle's interior, providing a professional fit and solid mounting platform.

By using existing dash fittings behind the trim, there's never a need to alter your vehicle's interior.
They are ergonomically designed to look great while keeping your mobile electronics within easy reach.
VSMs (vehicle specific mounts) are carefully designed for nearly every popular vehicle on the road.

To find the VSM that's right for your vehicle

vsm image
VSM Features
Provides the standard AMPS hole pattern for mounting popular accessories, i.e. Satellite radios, smartphone holders, iPhone cradles or iPod interfaces
No movable parts and perfect bends mean no adjustments

Each has passed rigorous quality control inspection to assure a professional fit for every vehicle

Each comes with complete instructions and hardware if required

Added safety for driver and passenger due to optimum mounting location

They are made of heavy gauge steel with a tough, black urethane powder-coat paint finish

VSMs are virtually unseen, when properly installed

They do not block airbags, obstruct dash amenities or controls

Pro.Fit International VSMs are a popular choice because of their professional fit, durability and factory like appearance. Providing a rock solid mounting platform, the Vehicle Specific Mounts blend into your vehicle's interior... great for leased autos! They're often installed by a technician, but if you're handy you can also install this one yourself.
Check out the instructions online to see for yourself.

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